Worth is Not a Dollar Value

Sorry for the long wait Forde Followers, but it took getting me angry to pull me out of my exam study and into the world of blog. I promise I’ll be back more very soon. But time to address something that made my blood boil.


Twitter and Facebook exploded a little on Wednesday when a working lady posted in a derogatory way that women should not sell themselves ‘like they are a bargain’. Comments hinted that people who sell their body for $80 are cheap, nasty, stupid; that it was wrong, that they shouldn’t do it.


Say what now?


I am ‘high class – high price’, and the people who have seen me may understand why I charge that rate – I treat people the same way that I treat my friends, I am honest with them, I don’t fake chemistry and I am genuine. In short, they are seeing me the person, just under a different name. Other than my name, every other soft, toned inch of me that I give a client is real and genuine. In a world where acting stops are often pulled out by workers or barriers are hastily erected to shut out the client from their personal arena, I open the door with open arms. This is why people are often prepared to save their hard earned cash to see me.


What a lot of people may not be aware of, however, is that my humble beginnings began in a brothel. I chose to start there in order to safely learn the hooker ropes and make some friends. Life was hella depressing at that stage and the girls in the brothel became my second family, albeit with much more disgusting conversations than what I’d ever talk to my parents about. That was the beauty of those days however, and I miss it so much – that feeling of solidarity, sisterhood, the ability to talk about literally anything. At the time there was no way in HELL I could have afforded to branch into the private sector…. It took me roughly $7000 to move from the brothel world to the private world and it was a fantastic investment, I haven’t looked back. But yes, if you had come to the right brothel a year ago, you could have seen Charlie under a different name for half the price. In a half hour, of the money that the client paid I would pocket $80. I can hear some of you already – let’s just quote said girl who started this debate – “I wouldn’t even sign a photograph for $80”. But when you have $250 to your name and it’s become homeless or earn more money, $120 an hour is pretty fucking sweet. I was already working casually in a job that paid me $50 an hour on weekends…. There aren’t many more jobs that will give more than that. If I wanted to earn more, I would have to give more of myself. And I was prepared to do that.


It just blows my mind that in an industry that is already very much frowned upon, people who are ‘one of us’ have the nerve to look down on the people around her. I’m sorry, but when do we as people have the right to judge what someone else does with their life? Regardless of what industry you work in! Last time I checked, we all eat, sleep, shit and die and it’s what we do with our life that makes us rather than the dollar value we earn. If $80 an hour puts food on your table and pays your mortgage, allows you to chase your dreams and you are happy to provide sexual services for that money, then go for it!!!! The only people who rule our lives are us. Full stop. Until someone has literally walked in your shoes, which is impossible, they should not be able to comment upon your life decisions.


I know some incredible girls out there who charge less than me and I still consider them ‘high class’…. High class is not about a dollar value, high class denotes someone who is a conversationalist, someone who is intelligent, someone who knows their worth and holds their own. Last time I checked, these things were not something to be purchased with cash… they are innate in a person. Just because you pay $800 an hour does not mean that you will receive a high class escort – in fact I have had clients tell me they have left feeling belittled by women who charge this much. You could book someone who charges substantially less than $800 and walk away feeling like you hit the jackpot that day. Dollar values mean jack shit.


So please, shut that mean voice in your head up that says that people who charge less don’t respect themselves….. cause you’re talking about girls like me. I was one of those ‘cheap’ girls. Those girls are anything but ‘cheap’. At that point in my life, I had so much respect for myself – for having the balls to jump into this insane industry, to work a job that is so emotionally taxing at times, to be able to pull $1200 in a day when the best I could do before was $300. I was and still am so proud of the strength that I found in myself through my time of $80 bookings. I think that often ‘high price’ escorts forget the value of a $50 note and what that can give a person in their life. Often I’ve sat there at the end of a quiet week, sad that I only drew even with work, then reminded myself that I had just earnt the equivalent of twice an average person’s pay check. We can’t lose sight of the fact that money is money, and that even the smallest of values can make a big difference to someone else’s life. And if ‘Charlie’ ever imploded and I had to start from scratch, I’d go there again in a heartbeat. Cause I’m one of ‘those’ girls.

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