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Wow! Spent an evening with Charlie over dinner followed by a great night of fun. Such a beautiful lady with amazingly gorgeous blue eyes. Charlie exceeded my expectations in all regards. I can’t wait to have another experience with Charlie.
Nathan from Scarlet Blue
So I will start this by saying that she’s an angel. I booked at an awkward time, arrived rather inebriated, absolutely soaked from the rain, and she didn’t even bat an eyelash. Had a wonderful few hours with Charlie just relaxing and talking about life, she’s an extremely interesting and intelligent woman and I totally recommend taking the time to get to know her at least a bit. She’s an honest young lady and happy to be upfront with what is on her mind. It really was nice to just relax and feel safe talking about almost anything for a while. Her photos really just can’t do her justice and I will have the image of her perfect form etched in my head for some time to come. I would definitely recommend spending a lot of time with her, I know I plan to catch up with her again at some point, even if it’s just to see how life is going for her.
Saturday_Night from Scarlet Blue
Charlie is gorgeous, fun and easy to get along with. I’ve just gotten home and I’m still smiling and thinking about our night. I can’t recommend her enough.
Drew from Scarlet Blue
I saw Charlie recently and she is a lot of fun. She looks very similar to the character Karen from the TV show Californication. Beautiful striking blue eyes and a very fit body. She is down to earth, respectful and has a great sense of humor. In my opinion her best trait is her intelligence – she is very clever. She has big things ahead in her future. I have seen some incredible escorts but I would chose Charlie over them without hesitation.
Marcel from Scarlet Blue
Finally found her peeping out from behind that book..Some texts with the hope of seeing this gorgeous woman.Busy , busy then finally some spare time
Caught Uber and that chillie wind , got into the lobby and sent the call , and the summons came back.The door opened and there she stood , not hidden behind the door but out there open to behold a picture of loveliness.
Like old friends chatting on the balcony , on the sofa to the point I thought it was time to leave. Taken by the hand and led off , some haste made me undo two top shirt buttons , ” you’re taking my job” she said so I put myself on her hands totally
The lingery was red and ended up being tossed across the bed. This woman is close , down to earth beautiful exciting knows her direction in life confidant and determined
She will achieve her dreams and offers your soul a fantastic experience. Gorgeous woman , a rare find a hidden gem stone and wonderful experience. CHARLIE
Asteroid from Scarlet Blue
I don’t usually write reviews. Mostly, every experience is individual so reviews are pretty gratuitous. However… every year I have a difficult meeting with my partners at the Gold Coast. It makes me very cranky indeed and it takes something special to lift that mood. Charlie succeeded. I’m looking forward to an even sweeter rendezvous under much more favourable circumstances. What a super girl! Highly recommended…
My beautiful girlfriend, M, and I had been trying to arrange a third person, to no avail, for quite some time; so, we decided to visit a professional. Of all the profiles out there, Charlie’s appealed the most – she came across as natural, easy-going, respectful and professional, not to mention the photos also looked natural and gorgeous…and that smile(!) There was some apprehension, this being the first time we had both included a third person; and questions arose: Will everyone get along? Will everyone be attracted to each other? Will it get awkward? Will it feel cheap and tacky? Is the profile an accurate representation? Will it be a positive experience? Will it negatively affect our relationship? In short: yes; yes; no; not at all; yes; definitely; and 100% no. M was pretty quiet the whole way there, due to nerves and not knowing what to expect. We arrive at the door and I’m making jokes about how we’ve just signed up for 3 hours of awkwardness, while M is telling me to shut up because we’ve knocked and Charlie is about to open the door. The door opens and…Charlie is gorgeous. A very natural look, piercing blue eyes…and that smile. Welcomed in, some drinks and conversation and we settled in. We all chatted for a good hour or so, which was great fun – I was with two sharp-witted women, so it didn’t get dull. There was plenty of time to relax into the evening, which is also why we booked for three hours. At some point, I decide to go to the men’s room, when I get back, Charlie and M tell me that I had just missed M’s first girl-on-girl kiss. Cool head and a cold rage brewing underneath. That is, until they started laughing and told me it was just a joke. Thanks for that one, ladies. But, then for real, Charlie and sidles closer to M… I wasn’t sure how M would be in this scenario, but to my astonishment (and joy!) there was no apprehension from her at all. Charlie suggested a kiss and M went in. A beautiful sight, right before my eyes. Before we knew it, all our clothes were on the floor… All other details from here come at a fee, sorry. M and I went into this not knowing exactly how we would come out of it. We guessed there were risks to the relationship, based on what we’d read and we didn’t mind that; but, what we weren’t expecting is how the experience actually brought us closer together. It’s difficult to explain, but we are now even more turned on by each other and feel freer together and have even more awesome sex. We’ve always considered ourselves open-minded, but the experience kind of broke away another layer. Seeing M with another woman was so hot – two beautiful women, two beautiful bodies right before me – it just made her more feminine, more attractive and more powerful as a woman, in my eyes; and Charlie was gorgeously instrumental in that – setting the mood, being engaging…and being a great kisser ;). Charlie is super lovely, as a woman, as a host and as an escort. The whole evening was relaxed, sexy and seamless, from the introduction, to the around the table chats, to the antics and to the good-bye. And she’s honest! I had overpaid by a significant amount and she pulls me up on it. Says we can put it in the Charlie Box for next time. “Yes, definitely”, says M, instantly. We now have a Charlie Box at our place and I’m loving my life right now. Thanks for the awesome experience, Charlie. See you soon.
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Three's Company
I’ll never forget knocking on her apartment door. I’m fairly introverted and shy, and doing something like this was very new to me. I was greeted and welcomed inside by her confident, musical voice and her addictive, vibrant smile. Charlie’s apartment was clean, modern and sported a memorable view of the Brisbane night. We sat on the balcony for a chat. Our conversation flowed naturally, she was so easy to talk to considering we were sharing some hilariously embarrasing moments (maybe the champagne she served helped too). I’ve shared lunch with successful business people and ambitious entrepreneurs; I’m used to being critical when it comes to facades of bullcrap and fake friendliness. Charlie is genuine. She’s leading a kind of superhero-esque double life, so you’d think that genuine isn’t a card on the table at this point. But I disagree. Respect her privacy and she will reward you with refreshingly direct and insightful conversation, teeming with playfulness presented in an informal, yet elegant, manner. While this is sounding like a food review, Charlie did offer some local food. So we went for a short walk to pick it up, which actually put the last of my nerves to rest. Along the way, she recommended some local spots; I’ve tried one bar so far and the place was definitely my style! The advice she offered was very welcome. Even the food we ate was good, but I didn’t have an appetite for that. I’m not very forward, so Charlie made the ALL of the first moves. The way she assumed control without breaking the moment was masterful. She also took on a teaching role (since I asked). This was actually as hot as it was informative. My monk-like focus had fucked off from the room, if it was ever there to begin with. However, remember her teachings, I do. By this stage, I was made aware that she dressed exactly how I requested, down to her underwear. She is fit, like her photos show off, and she certainly takes care of her health and hygiene. She’ll be bold enough to kind of wrestle you into position while giving you the cheekiest smile, almost daring you to wrestle back. Instead, I decided to take the form of spaghetti and lay there rather lazily while she enthusiastically did everything. We kissed, a lot, her lips were soft and sweet and her skin was firm. I lost myself submersed in her silky blonde hair and it was like being caressed by thousands of Golden Retriever puppies. Or Beagles. Or Jack Russels if that’s what you’re in to. I have to stop here. I can’t possibly convey, by limit of written language, what the rest of the night was like. Believe me, this was an experience. Charlie turned me inside out and totally changed my understanding of sex, intimacy and my social life in general. You could say: I was mindfucked (sorry, had to). I owe this to the fact that Charlie genuinely cared about the parts of my life that I had shared with her. She spared no effort or expense and made my night as special and memorable as a first time. I’ll never forgot knocking on her door. TL;DR Charlie is a genuinely awesome girl who will make your night unforgettable in ways that you will never expect. If you can spare the cost, do it! You’ll come to realise her value is much greater than that. Honestly, I feel like I still owe her...
Spagh Ettie
Upon first meeting Charlie the first things I noticed were her gorgeous big blue eyes and her warm smile, to match her caring personality.
Great body as you can probably tell from pics and she certainly knows how to use it.
Sexually quite an energetic and assertive girl, and was very fun to be with.

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