She Waits.

Alright, short and simple this week! This one needs a preface though so I don’t get a mass of angry messages.

I’ve always been fascinated by the stereotype of a prostitute… but it is just that, a stereotype. Stereotypes always stem from a minority of people however, and so it is the story of a small group of people.

This is just creative fictional writing. Full stop. Please don’t read into it too much. For example, ‘her body is no longer hers’ just reflects the fact that she has just taken a booking. I am fully aware that when I take a booking that my body is still mine, but at the same time I am there for the gent to play with in whatever way he wants… as long as it’s still within my boundaries. Get it? Creative writing. From the stereotype people may think that we don’t have a say over our body once someone books us but the reality is different.

Other lines are very much what I believe. The whole last section I think is very accurate.

So please just enjoy creativity for what it is and recognise that this is both a reflection of real life and an exploration of other views.

Some of these lines are going to go over people’s heads but I’ve always like writing where you have to look a little deeper behind the words to get the meaning. So get  your brains into gear and be kind, this is the first time I’ve ever written anything like this 😉 I’m still not sure if her story is finished…. maybe with time her story will grow.



She waits.

For the ding to signal

Her body is no longer hers

The breathy words

The skip of a beat

The muted end

It comes.


She waits.

For the harsh buzz

The jolt, the rush

Her hair through her fingers

The cool metal

To calm her nerves

It comes.


She waits.

For the awkward steps

The nervous skin

The give of buttons

To distract before

The suffocating weight of loneliness

It comes.


She waits.

For the black to swallow

The self pity to consume

The demon of self hate

To fill her every pore

The anvil to land

It never comes.

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