They say romance is dead, but the beauty of my job is that I often get to see the softer sides of people. This was especially the case with E, who wrote this for me tonight. Thank you sweetheart x


Beguiling – she is,

In shots of undress,

A figure flawless.


Elegance – her moves,

Gestures and glances,

Are graceful dances.


Alluring – no doubt

She’s captivating,

Those eyes a-twinkling.


Unvarnished – she writes

Pithy and profound,

All with heartfelt sound.


Truthful – her language

Authentic, the sheer

Honesty’s no peer.


Yearning – yielding, her

Brain-body on fire

Invites pure desire


A force of nature –

That is what she is.

Her iridescence,

Her effervescence,

Her luminescence.


And so, if this be

The time of the Greeks,

Spartans and Trojans –

She’d be, to be coy,

The Helen of Troy.

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