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Charlie is becoming increasingly well known for her honest voice about the adult industry, both the good and the challenges. Her enthusiasm for the work and the rights of adult industry workers was recently brought to the forefront when she became open about her escorting career. As such, she has been featured online by several websites and businesses.

You can find some of her features here.

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Charlie was interviewed in July 2019 for PornStar Advice, a Youtube channel that offers chats to pornstars. Charlie discusses all new things on the horizon.

Watch the video here

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Charlie Forde went public when the National Australia Bank closed her bank accounts, citing the reason being her industry or profession.

Find the exclusive article by the Daily Mail here

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Feature Blog 26-09-17

Charlie was lucky enough to be featured on, a site that unabashedly spreads sex positivity, sexual diversity, equality and education through beautifully written and informative blogs from professionals and everyday people alike.

For Charlie’s top tips on increasing pleasure during sex

read the full article here

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Feck: I Shot Myself

Charlie shot  for art erotica company Feck, who showcases a multitude of intimate concepts on their site. This shoot won the art prize for August 2019. This shoot was for a part of their “I Shot Myself” composites, which showcases beautiful naked selfies from confident women. Charlie wanted to capture that sleepy Sunday feeling, that dreamlike state, that we all crave.

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