Let’s Live Forever

I’m going to tell you all how you can live forever.



A new year always calls for reflection. For many of us, our resolutions are as small as a pledge to stop biting their fingernails, to learn a new language, to save more money, drink less. We set out with the best of intentions but by month 4 let’s face it, most of us have failed.

But me? Screw that.

I want to live forever.

And the secret?


Here you go…….






The footprint that you leave on this planet can blow away in the wind of the ever forward human race, or it can be cemented. It can be cemented for good reasons or selfish reasons. It can have purpose for others or it can have no purpose. But at the end of the day, this footprint that you leave is how you will be remembered and is your chance to never leave this planet.


The greatest people in history have become famous for something bigger than themselves. Tutankhamen, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, even more modern figures like Steve Irwin and Malala will live forever in history because their mark was game changing. They made people think about the world beyond their own. They questioned the norm. They were vocal. They left a legacy.


So what will your legacy be?


The start of this new year prompted a lot of reflection for me and the first conclusion I drew was that I cannot think of anything worse than dedicating a full year to such superficial and trivial things as whether my nails will grow enough. What does it do? What end does it serve? Will I wake up when I’m 75 and regret the wasted years, or will I look back with pride at the changes I’ve made to other lives?

Let me tell you – you’re as big as you want to be. As big as you’re prepared to be.

I’ve always been determined to leave every ounce of myself on this planet when I leave. I want to change humanity for the better. And believe it or not, I have a plan for this. I’ve had this plan for a long time. The road is very long, with lots of study, self reflection, the occasional turn to alcohol for sanity, and a lot of blood sweat and tears. It may fail. But I desperately want it to succeed. I wish that I could say that is totally for non selfish reasons… that I’m doing it to better the world and improve lives – that is definitely true by the way. But there is a selfish side to the story. To put simply – it scares me that one day I’ll fade away and once the family passes and generations roll on by, I will be purely a word on a family tree.


I have always hoped with all my heart for an afterlife but tried to live as if there isn’t. What if this is all we have? What if we close our eyes and that was our one chance to be bigger than ourselves, and we squandered it by sticking to a job we were bored with, living in the 9 to 5 grind, resigned to seeing our dreams in just that – our dreams?


I refuse to accept this for myself, for the sake of the change I can create.


There are bigger things than me. Than you. There is so much ache on this planet. What will you do to change that for every other being out there? How much are you willing to devote to it; do you see yourself as secondary to that purpose? Or do you see it as not your problem – that maybe you’re too small to make that change?


Let me tell you – you’re as big as you want to be. As big as you’re prepared to be. You can be small and meek and give in to the mundane or you can choose to create ‘extraordinary’. You can dedicate your life to something that gives you purpose to others. You can create a legacy for others to remember you by for all of history. This is the only way you can and ever will live forever.


This is what you help me with, gents. New Years reminded me of my end goal, many years down the track. You are, without knowing it, helping me reach for my goal. I hope that I one day look back and have sex work to thank for a massive game changer for the world. The money is slowly collecting to fund the changes…and I have you to thank.
So thankyou.

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